the brandstorm™ agency


I help visual creatives build their brand and say why they matter.

Sell your creative work online & productize your expertise.

What amazing, but unsung super power do you have?

If you’re a fine arts painter, illustrator, photographer, graphic designer, calligrapher, printmaker or simply a visual artist who is struggling to start or grow your business doing what you love, you’re not alone and it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Great Resignation has allowed so many of us to think outside the corporate box and reconnect with our creative potential to realize it doesn’t have to be one or the other…you can do creative work AND make a solid business out of it.


No clear action

From your voice to copy, you’re not sure at what angle you should try to reach an audience (if you’ve even figured that part out).


Your audience may be able to read your online bio, but it doesn’t translate to the value you can offer or a strong incentive to book your services.

Time & icky look

3 to 4 months to go to market or a relaunch? Who the hell has that kind of time? It’s bad enough to have an outdated online presence in a noisy marketplace.

Own a clear voice that says who you are, and better yet, who you aren’t.

Forget the logo, business cards, or even your website.

Design has no business in the first step towards good branding; it begins with clarity.

In less than a day, I’ll help you get laser focus on your expertise, your potential clients, and the tremendous value you have to offer them for a premium price.

And in a week, I could help you implement it and go live so you hit the ground running.

Listen, you’ll never please everyone, and that’s ok.

In fact, you need to know what you stand against, as much as you know what you stand for; because an effective brand strategy will require you to have courage, ruffle a few feathers, weed out the haters, and find your own tribe.

This you have to earn. I can help you get there.