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Brand Boss™

Final deliverable is a brand book that includes, but is not limited to: your logo, print collateral (business cards, letterheads, etc…), website & copy, digital marketing (social media profiles, newsletter template, email signature, etc…), & illustration/photography.

If you already have another designer/developer in mind you’d rather work with to implement your game plan, you’re more than welcome to go your way (I encourage it since the level of investment is much pricier and you could find less expensive designers on Upwork).

However, if you want to stick around and get the boss branding your business needs as of right now, we’re going to go full-speed with your identity system: logo, print collateral, website, social media, & marketing automation (where applicable).

The key asset will be your brand book because it’ll be your source of truth for all other creative and copy to cultivate a cohesive brand story.

*Each and every client that collaborates with me goes through the Brandstorm™ interview session, and that fee is applied towards the final Brand Boss package.


Your investment during The Brandstorm is applied towards these pricing tiers (e.g. $6,200 = $5,900).

Brand Boss

$6,200 – 1 day
Get the launch essentials needed to have a sleek & professional web presence, which may include your brand book, website, social media, newsletter platform, appropriate brand collateral, marketing copy, & web tools integrations (i.e. invoicing, booking, etc…).

Unlike other brand services providers, we’ll also add clarity to your pricing packages and sales process to make your business a cash flow machine.

Brand Boss+

$10,400– 2 to 3 days
Get everything in the Brand Boss, in addition to more in-depth and larger-scale creative deliverables (may include print banners, ad signs, apparel, auto decals, etc…)

This is the most popular plan because it leaves fewer decisions to chance and strategy is tackled proactively in anticipation of near future business pivots.

Brand Bossx

$25,000+ – up to 3 weeks
This package is best suited for rebrands with the healthiest budget to prove to your audience you’re the hungriest cat in the game.

We’ll cover larger website needs, automations, maybe video & illustration that resonates a brand voice that can’t be ignored.

*Currently, custom video & photo are only available to clients that operate in the DC area.


What do you do?

I’m a story-teller. More specifically, in terms of what I can do for you, I’m a brand strategist & am here to help you add clarity to your voice.

Who do you serve?

With the exception of certain projects being particularly exciting, I tend to focus on small businesses trying to get to that next big step in the relationship with their best clients (and help them get rid of the toxic ones).

I’m particularly keen on entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs that want to lead with a socially/environmentally progressive message.

I only need a specific task, can you do it?

Probably not. But hey, don’t take it the wrong way. I’ve plenty of awesome creatives I can refer you to. It’s just that I’m a long-term relationship kinda guy. We’re in it for the long haul and I truly want to be sure we’ll be a great fit to work together so I want to know EVERYTHING about what your business does.

It’s why ALL of my clients go through an exploratory interview phase known as The Brandstorm.

Do you work for an hourly rate?

I don’t. Because I want to learn specifically about the goals that you have for growing your project, I work alongside you to make those important decisions.

Bless their hearts, but order-takers are just that. Give them a set of tasks with an hourly rate, and they’ll make sure they take their sweet time to drain your resources.

Flat-rate pricing protects you from hidden fees and motivates me to deliver on that promised efficiency to get you results.

I don’t aim to be another of your vendors. I’m working towards being your partner.

How are you better?

There will always be someone better.

However, I'll save you from yourself when you chase shiny objects and keep you accountable to focus on YOUR abilities based on your audience needs we uncover during The Brandstorm.

I also get you to market in a fraction of the time, instead of the three months other agencies justify to charge you more (not to mention that my pricing is completely transparent).

How do you deliver in less than a week?

Yes, I’ve ‘productized’ my services. And it’s because I’ve set a specific scope for each.

To deliver on quality and efficiency, it’s paramount that we establish early on our mutual responsibilities:

  • I need your undivided & responsive attention
  • You must have a healthy budget
  • Be able to delegate low priority tasks so you and I can concentrate on high-level strategic thinking
  • Let me do what I do best (brand design guidance) so we can put together a premium brand implementation strategy for what you do best.

Is there life after your flagship service?

Why of course there is. Having an amazing brand identity won’t be a direct consequence to increase your business value (that is, more sales), but terrible branding will make sure that it fails…or worse yet, remain mediocre.

But we can get to those details later after we’ve established rapport & had experience working together.

Can we talk before I hand over money?

You can & you can’t.

I’m sure you’re a swell personality, but I need to reiterate my restricted availability.

To deliver on speed and efficiency, I can only give my time to clients that are ready to actively work with me.

Go ahead and sign up for my newsletter, go through my free email training, or ask me questions on my social media channels to be assured I know a thing or two about business branding.