the brandstorm™ agency


My Expertise

Because nobody cares about you, except for what you can do for them. To know where you want to take your brand, you have to know where it’s at.

start with a kickoff call


You have questions, skepticism, and want to believe. Click the button below and book a 15-minute call with me to ask them.

I’ll explain what I do and how I do it, then it’s your turn.

This isn’t a sales or strategy call. It’s a simple Q&A-who-the-hell-is-Saïd-and-can-I-get-along-with-him call.

then with The Brandstorm™


The Brandstorm is a two to four hour virtual interview where I’ll learn everything you can tell me about your service business — who you are, who you serve, how you serve them and most importantly, WHY.  I’ll help you uncover opportunities to better position your brand as the go-to authority of your expertise, what to start (and even stop) doing to further own your voice.

You’ll receive a neatly outlined actionable guide to run with it on your own, give it to your designer/developer/marketer/mom, or hire me to do it for you.

Your original investment will be applied to the full project if you decide to move forward.

finally with a Brand Boss™


Here’s where it gets spicy. If you love what we uncovered together and want to move forward with me to implement it, you can apply The Brandstorm investment towards any of the Brand Boss packages that best fit your implementation objectives.