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last updated on August 6, 2021

You’re striking out on your own, well almost…

You’re hustling on the side after hours or in stealth mode between meetings ;-).

But now, you’ve hit one of three snags:

  1. You need clients;
  2. You need better clients;
  3. You’re not getting paid enough by those few clients you started with.

And that’s a totally understandable rut. You jumped into a business for the freedom to work on your terms, work on projects you want, and better serve your growing family the best way you see fit.

You wanted to launch your business because you believe in the impact you could make; not because you know how to market & sell your services.

However, the cold hard truth, in order to stay and thrive in business, you MUST have a solid sales & marketing strategy in place…no matter how great of an expert you feel you are (and I believe you are). 🙁

Your Dream Clients Can’t See You

Take a moment to think about your perfect client. Imagine them right now. You know them so well and the ENORMOUS PROBLEM they’re having is something can solve with your eyes closed because it’s at the core of your expertise. That’s how well you know them.

Now imagine what would happen to them the moment they come across you and your online presence the way you are right now.

Would they understand that the problem you solve is EXACTLY the problem they’re having right now?

Your Potential Clients Want You

Many of you that I had the pleasure of interviewing either felt too shy, bored, or just plain sleazy at the thought of having to peddle and push their services.

Or worse yet, the ones that were enthusiastic about what they offered, had too much shit on their website that potential clients couldn’t immediately see the answer to their burning problem.

So what do you do, you go back to browsing and bidding on sites like Upwork.

Then, they end up hiring someone else that is less qualified, but had a better BRAND VOICE that communicated what the client wanted to hear (without actually being able to deliver).

That’s a dizzying harsh truth. It doesn’t matter how much better you are, but who makes a better case, that gets the client’s business.

You know what pisses me off about that above statement? Is that like you, I also run a service-based business and I can’t tell you the ache and fury of handing over top dollar to another idiot for selling me a service they couldn’t deliver on.

So how about we fix that.

You’ve heard that energy isn’t created, nor destroyed, but simply transferred, right?

I’m on a mission to help experts like you bring that energy of talent, passion, and ability to create value for their clients, which in turn, transfers that energy to the world where it wasn’t before.

And that is how we change the world.

Let’s level for a second. We’re not selling stuff nobody asked for nor needed. Becoming an expert in a specific field creates a type of exponential value that can’t be competed with by generalists.

And that intellectual value you have to offer, doesn’t have a negative footprint, doesn’t pollute, and rather, it better informs and connects the world. That’s what we’re selling.

And I’m here to help you find that brand clarity that your business needs. It will help you find only the clients you want to work with and communicate exactly what it is that you can do to solve their burning problem.

And we’ll do that in such a simple way that creates excitement, that not only will they want to hire you for being the obvious choice, but they won’t flinch in paying you more because they see you’re an investment, and not an expense.

The Pitch

Click the button and schedule a 15-minute kickoff call with me to learn what we can do to start turning you into the irresistible choice for your ideal clients.

Of course, I want to sell to you, but first you want to find out if I actually know what I’m talking about, and I want to find out if we would be a good fit for each other (I’m a long-term relationship kinda guy).

Sounds fair?

If not, that’s cool too. Keep doing what you’ve been doing, boo.

But if you’re:

  • ready to leave your cushy, yet unfulfilling salaried career;
  • eager to find your brand voice above the noise that resonates with dream clients; and,
  • not offended that I swear sometimes;
    we should probably get in touch.

We’ll face some tough choices and cold hard truths ahead, but it’ll be NOTHING to what you’ve been doing this whole time.

And with practice, it gets easier.

Go on, join me.

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