Build a service brand that gives a damn.

How well do I know you right now?

  1. People don’t immediately understand what you do.
  2. You’re offering too many solutions nobody is asking for, much less buying.
  3. You’ve tried to brand your business yourself or with your nephew that “knows Photoshop.”
  4. You’re embarrassed to show your website to prospective clients.
  5. You’re losing business to (what you know is) inferior competition.

p.s. Short on time maybe? If you don’t have the alone time to work on this, go ahead and book a 15-min kick-off call.

After you complete the 1-day challenge:

Crystal Voice

You’ll have learned to communicate your brand voice. You’re in it for more than money. I can help you speak with confidence and convey your purpose.

Captivated Audience

You’ll have build a brand that sparks intrigue, communicates with emotion, and holds their attention through effective storytelling that makes your client the hero.

Irresistible calls to action

You can now better articulate your values in a way that inspires CTAs towards conversions, organic growth, and trust.

The brave and consistent few that finish this challenge, will be left with an actionable game plan to use for their marketing copy, website, newsletter campaigns, social media, domain, tagline…for ANY messaging touchpoint necessary to capture and nurture their relationship with their intended audience that WILL BUY from them.

The training may look daunting, but I promise you each and every step will leave you with the guidance to put words into actions and help you make informed decisions.

Hola, me llamo Saïd.

Said - brand strategist
your new Brand Strategist

I’ll work with you to help build both your internal brand voice to get to the core of your why and solidify your purpose to build on your external brand identity to cultivate the desired conversations about who you are and what you do, by your audience.

The process is simple but focused & transparent.

Like me, you understand that doing good and doing well are not mutually exclusive. There don’t have to be losers in order for you to win and you don’t prey on scarcity.

Do good. Do well.

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